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Project Payday training

Project Payday training

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On August 21, 2013
Last modified:October 29, 2014


Get Started With these Great Products such as TrafficSwarm, ListJumper, EasyHitz4U, FreeSafeList to Help you Money making SIte. I highly recommend all of these sites to generate free traffic

Project Pay day training




So we all know that Project Pay Day is a great company to work with especially if you are a part of this great program called Project Payday training.

I can sit here all day talking about how great project pay day is or going on about doing a project pay day review. But I will do that some other time.


Most importantly I’m here to talk about “getting project pay day signups”. Now there are some free methods I will be talking about and of course pay methods that usually works the best. Both either way both works out great.


Project Pay Day Free Traffic

So let’s talk about getting traffic into your website, now we all know that getting traffic to your money making site is the key to making money. But without traffic means no money, especially if you are promoting project pay day.

Ok enough talking, let’s get straight to it. I’m going to show you how Easyhits4u ,TrafficSwarm , ListJumper & FreeSafeList are some powerful tools for generating free traffic to your money making system.



OurSecretX Free Training Course

OurSecrectX Logo none





We offer free training to our members. If you are apart of project payday. You will have free access to our videos on how to promote your business. Please create your free account

Then email: with your username so we can request you to become a LEVEL 2 MEMBER.

OurSecretX Training Course Walk-Through


CLICK HERE TO GET FREE ACCESS TO OUR TRAINING. Please make sure you email: to grant full access for FREE.

CLICK HERE TO GET FREE ACCESS TO OUR TRAINING. Please make sure you email: to grant full access for FREE. 






EasyHits4u Review

EASYHITS4UI have been using EasyHits4u quite some-time since it is free to join. But what I can tell you about EasyHits4u is that it’s ONE OF THE BEST FREE TARGET TRAFFIC SITES out there.

How Easyhits4u works, is you will have to surf other people website and each surfing you do Easy hits 4 u will reward you with credits which you can put towards your website, Such as Project Pay Day.

Ok so now that you know how Easyhits4u for you work I think that you really should at least give it a try to see if it works for yourself. So vast Easyhits4u site to get started.



TrafficSwarm Review


So let’s talk about TrafficSwarm. This is a quick Review on TrafficSwarm which is the #1 Way to generate the best traffic to your website (just like EasyHits4u). But What I like more about TrafficSwarm is that they offer many different services and ways to generate traffic into your website. TrafficSwarm

not only does the same thing Easyhits4u does (which means surf ads and gain credit. They also have a SEO service where they will submit your money making website through the web search engines like (Google, Yahoo, Ask, and Bing) and more…

Visit Here TrafficSwarm to get started today.


ListJumper LoginListJumper Review

Now I will be doing a quick review on ListJumper. I usually don’t do a lot of review at least I try the product or service out myself for a couple of weeks. So what I can tell you about ListJumper is that this is a very powerful new Safe list website the gain huge target traffic to your website. How ListJumper works is every-time you make a message it get’s send out to their 40K+ Members Email Addresses.

Let’s say you login in into ListJumper what happen next is you will create a message then hit the “SEND” button, now once you hit that send button it will then get send out to thousands of ListJumper members email address and from there those ListJumper members will then check there email. And click the link to gain credit by viewing your website.

So can you get the simple process? “Yes” very easy! way to gain target traffic into your website. So you can get started today for FREE HERE ListJumper


FreeSafeList Review

FreeSafeList Banner

Now let’s talk about FreeSafeList. All I can say is this is the BEST OF ALL. I really can go on in on about this great tool I use every single day to promote all my products and etc…

But first let me start off by saying yes this is free to join and they offer tons of products and services in there system, which means this is also a affiliate program.

But like what I said I’m not going to talk much about FreeSafeList just because it does and has the same process as ListJumper. But what I can say is that FreeSafeList is the #1 SafeList Tool out. So to get started with FreeSafeList, all you have to do is create a free account and you will be on your way.




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Get Started With these Great Products such as TrafficSwarm, ListJumper, EasyHitz4U, FreeSafeList to Help you Money making SIte. I highly recommend all of these sites to generate free traffic
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